Bedford, St Josephs Roman Catholic - Marriages

July 1837 to March 1901

Number Date Surname First Names Age Condition Profession Residence Father Father's occupation
11 February 1872 BURTON William Thomas Nicholls       Bedford Thomas Nicholls BURTON  
CHURCH Mary Ann       Bedford William CHURCH  
17 April 1872 WESTROPP John       Bedford James WESTROPP  
WILLIAMS Mary Agnes       Bedford John WILLIAMS  
11 December 1873 RABEDER Joseph John       Olnipentis? George RABEDER  
CLARKE Rachel       Bedford Aloyisius CLARKE  
29 January 1874 HEARNE David       Shefford David HEARNE  
BRADY Catherine       Bedford Patrick BRADY  
2 February 1875 BACK Henry       Luton George BACK  
ROSE Sarah Jane       Bedford James O'TOOLE  
8 August 1875 JACKSON William       Bedford William JACKSON  
THOMS Emma       Bedford William Henry THOMS  
3 February 1876 MADDEN Joseph       Bridlington Thomas MADDEN  
WARDILL Frances       Bedford Jonathan WARDILL  
1 April 1877 GRIGGS Thomas       Bedford Charles Henry GRIGGS  
BLAKE Mary Ann       Bedford James BLAKE  
19 August 1877 BURNS William       Bedford James BURNS  
CASE Faith       Bedford Thomas CASE  
3 December 1877 BOURKE David       Bedford James BOURKE  
McGLYNN Ellen         George McGLYNN  
1 May 1878 TILDESLEY Joseph       Bedford    
BRADY Jane         Patrick BRADY  
29 August 1878 SCHAFFLER Louis Edmund       Liepures? in Alsatia Louis SCHAFFLER  
WILSON Adelaide Margaret       Bedford Richard & Maria Ann WILSON  
4 June 1879 BRAHANY James       Bedford Michael BRAHANY  
LOWE Sarah Jane         Joseph LOWE  
18 February 1881 SHORT Charles Alfred         - SHORT  
KILGER Ann Mary (Toole)         Miles & Rose KILGER  
GRO Index gives bride as Mary Ann KILGER
8 July 1881 STREET Charles         Stephen STREET  
KILGER Rosanna         Miles & Rose KILGER  
21 August 1881 LIGHTFOOT William         William LIGHTFOOT  
COLE Mary Elizabeth         Henry & Sarah COLE  
30 August 1881 BROWN James William         Thomas BROWN  
HAYNES Isabella         John William HAYNES  
3 January 1883 RYAN Lawrence Joseph       Bedford Lawrence RYAN  
HAYWARD Laura         Richard HAYWARD  
25 January 1883 DEMERY William Thomas       Bedford Louis DEMERY  
PARKES Matilda Mary         Joseph PARKES  
19 July 1883 TYNAN William       Bedford John TYNAN  
DEAN Constance         John DEAN  
23 September 1883 PLUM William       Bedford William PLUM  
WILDMAN Harriet Mary         Henry James WILDMAN  
18 November 1883 WOOTTON John Henry       Bedford Edward David WOOTTON  
HUNT Mary Ann       Sandy Thomas HUNT  
18 November 1883 GREHAN Joseph       Bedford Daniel GREHAN  
STRATTON Emily       Bedford Samuel STRATTON  
13 February 1884 ALLEN John       Bedford James ALLEN  
BLADES Sophia   Widow     Joseph FOSTER  
16 July 1884 BRYANT Frederick George       Bedford Harvey Zacharias BRYANT  
WITTRICK Eliza Mary         Daniel & Rebecca WITTRICK  
16 February 1885 DANIELS Thomas Ebenezer       Beeston, Sandy    
NUGENT Ann       Bedford    
3 August 1885 DILLON Richard       Bedford Michael DILLON  
HUNT Jane         George HUNT  
4 January 1886 GRIGGS Thomas       Bedford Charles Henry GRIGGS  
BLAKE Sarah       Bedford James BLAKE  
This marriage does not appear in the GRO Indexes. However, the marriage is registered in Northampton in 1883.
21 September 1886 LOONEY Edward       Kempston Edward LOONEY  
JACKMAN Emma       Kempston Albert JACKMAN  
4 April 1888 PEACOCK Julian Edward Oliver Woodroffe       Bedford Edward PEACOCK  
KIRBY Sarah Catherine       Bedford Samuel Amos KIRBY  
28 October 1889 TOBIN James       Bedford Michael TOBIN  
CLARK Julia Tobin Rosscaberry         Charles CORBIN  
The GRO Index gives bride as Eliza Charlotte PERKINS. I may have scrambled my transcription extremely badly.
23 December 1889 MUNT Frederick         William MUNT  
TOOLE Cecilia May       Bedford James TOOLE  
26 March 1890 MAYBURY Michael       Bedford Michael MAYBURY  
? Elizabeth            
"This copied carefully from a paper found. The marriage was that of a soldier." The GRO Index gives the bride's surname as LONGLAND.
10 February 1891 HILL John       Kentish Town, London George HILL  
WIDGERY Emily Jane       Bedford Abraham WIDGERY  
3 October 1891 HIGGINS Francis       Kempston John HIGGINS  
FENTON formerly CAHILL Hannah       Kempston Thomas CAHILL  
17 November 1891 PAYNE Charles Smith       Kempston John PAYNE  
PICKETT Jane       Kempston Robert PICKETT  
26 December 1891 YOUNGS Herbert John         Frederick YOUNGS  
BERRINGTON Elizabeth       Bedford Thomas BERRINGTON  
29 August 1892 MOWER John         Isaac MOWER  
PESTELL Ruth         Thomas PESTELL  
31 August 1892 DEAN Daniel Darby         John DEAN  
DARBY Florence Lydia         Henry DARBY  
4 September 1892 COURSE Joseph         William COURSE  
HANCOCK formerly BARRY Mary         Michael BARRY  
3 April 1893 BOWEN Edwin         James BOWEN  
DILLON Winifred       Bedford Michael DILLON  
25 October 1893 BULBECK George         Thomas BULBECK  
ENNIS Elizabeth         Edward ENNIS  
31 December 1893 O'BRIEN William Cornelius       Portsea Daniel O'BRIEN  
WHITE Mary Elizabeth       Stagsden Thomas WHITE  
An attempt to marry was made on 28 Dec. This was cancelled after a last-minute impediment was found.
5 February 1895 FULLER Henry Foster         Henry Musgrove FULLER  
McDERMOTT Margaret Hastings         Henry McDERMOTT  
15 April 1895 LAWRENCE Benjamin         Thomas LAWRENCE  
WOODING Sophia Clifton         George WOODING  
3 July 1895 BRUNTON Alfred         William BRUNTON  
BOYLEN Susan         Terence BOYLEN  
31 October 1895 COLLINS Bartholomew       Wormingford, Essex Bartholomew COLLINS  
SMITH Ellen Maria       Bedford George SMITH  
10 March 1896 FEGAN John         Hugh FEGAN  
STAPLETON Annie         William Wallis STAPLETON  
22 April 1896 HARCOURT Henry Merritt         Henry Merritt HARCOURT  
KAY Marianne Josephine         Richard Joseph KAY  
23 September 1896 DILLON Michael Denmark         Michael DILLON  
FLYNN Hannah         Thomas FLYNN  
25 November 1896 STEVENS George       Ickwell Charles STEVENS  
MANN Elizabeth         Thomas MANN  
18 October 1897 OLIVER Charles Bertram         Edmund George OLIVER  
GREHAN Rose Anna         Daniel GREHAN  
18 October 1897 HANSOM George Edward Oswin?         Edward Joseph HANSOM  
GIBBS Clara         Henry William GIBBS  
24 October 1897 RYAN Edmund Bernard Aloysius (alias Edward)         Edmund RYAN  
WAKENELL Agnes Mary         James Frederick WAKENELL  
17 November 1897 CONNOLLY William         William CONNOLLY  
DAY Mary Ann         Edward DAY  
8 January 1898 SCHOFIELD Ernest         James Alfred SCHOFIELD  
CARTER Winefride Mary         Joseph Fabian CARTER  
7 August 1899 CAMBERS Benjamin George Collins         Benjamin CAMBERS  
PAGE Ada Marie         Charles PAGE  
24 September 1899 BROGAN Michael Joseph       Castlepollard, Ireland Daniel BROGAN  
SHERWOOD Elizabeth         John SHERWOOD  
30 December 1899 BARRADALE Thomas         Isaac BARRADALE  
READ Susannah         Stephen READ  
7 May 1900 SWINGLER Raymond Vincent Thomas         James SWINGLER  
SHARPE Alice         Jesse SHARPE  
19 June 1900 CONWAY William Edwin       Sheerness William CONWAY  
ORAM Annie       Eaton Socon Harry Woodward ORAM  
20 August 1900 TREMARCO Constantino         Salvatore TREMARCO  
CONGO Martha Ann         John CONGO  
25 December 1900 MALAM Alfred         William MALAM  
SULLIVAN Mary Ann         Patrick SULLIVAN  
21 February 1901 READ James Stephen         James J. READ  
COOK Ellen Julia         William COOK