Bedford, St Marys Wesleyan Chapel - Marriages

July 1837 to March 1901

Number Date Surname First Names Age Condition Profession Residence Father Father's occupation
12 March 1871 HALL Thomas 38 Widower Boiler maker Kings Place, Cauldwell St, Bedford John HALL Timber merchant
SABEY Sarah 40 Widow   Holme St, Bedford John COX Gardener
10 July 1871 CLAYTON Edward 26 Bachelor Grocer 47 Cauldwell St, Bedford Isaac CLAYTON Grocer
CATLIN Ann Surrey 23 Spinster   St Johns Street, Bedford George CATLIN Farmer
3 September 1871 EATON William 26 Widower Miller Kempston Thomas EATON Veterinary surgeon
HULATT Margaret 25 Spinster   Kempston William HULATT Gardener
7 June 1872 THOMPSON Barnard 21 Bachelor Brickmaker Warden William THOMPSON Brickmaker
YOXEN Elizabeth 20 Spinster   Cotton End    
1 June 1873 SMITH Charles William 21 Bachelor Tailor 7 St Johns Street, Bedford Will'm SMITH Tailor
BARKER Alethea Alice 18 Spinster   26 Little Butts St Thos BARKER Labourer
5 June 1873 HENDERSON Charles John 24 Bachelor Miller Orpington, Kent William HENDERSON Car......
GRIBBLE Susan            
The entry for the bride is blank, but her signature is given
6 April 1874 SUMMERFIELD George 21 Bachelor Moulder 11 Farrer St    
GOBBE Jane            
The entry for the bride is blank, but her signature is given
25 December 1874 HAWKSWORTH Thomas Smith 22 Bachelor Moulder in foundry Hope Cottage, Kings Place, Britannia Rd, Bedford HAWKSWORTH Moulder
SPURGEON Mary Ann 23 Spinster   Britannia Rd, Bedford William SPURGEON Moulder
21 September 1875 TAYLOR William Brown 21 Bachelor Commercial clerk 2 Alexandra Place, Bedford Miles TAYLOR Draper
WARDLE Annie 24 Spinster   South End Villa, Bedford Samuel WARDLE Commercial traveller
26 May 1877 SMITH Charles 25 Bachelor Butcher Whittlesey William SMITH Farmer
COOPER Louisa 24 Spinster   2 Holme St John COOPER  
4 July 1877 CHAPMAN George 18 Bachelor Labourer Kempston James CHAPMAN Labourer
KEEP Elizabeth Charlotte 18 Spinster     James KEEP Agricultural implement maker
27 October 1877 HUNT James 24 Bachelor Gardener Colworth, Sharnbrook Abraham HUNT Gardener
BETTS Eliza 21 Spinster   Knotting Jesse BETTS Labourer
13 April 1879 LONGLAND Charles 22 Bachelor Blacksmith 44 Cauldwell St Charles LONGLAND Blacksmith
DRING Ellen 23 Spinster Milliner The Old Castle Joseph DRING Stonemason
24 July 1879 GILLER William Frederick 25 Bachelor Draper Tor R....., Belvior Road, Bristol Frederick GILLER Draper
HERRING Charlotte Julia 25 Spinster   Cauldwell Street, Bedford Henry HERRING Agent
[The bride's name is given (wrongly) in my written notes as Elizabeth Julia HERRING. I assume I misread it so I have altered the entry. If you need me to revisit the register, please ask]
15 October 1879 GREEN Charles 22 Bachelor Carpenter Cardington George GREEN Carpenter
BATCHELOR Elizabeth 25 Spinster   Cardington George BATCHELOR Currier
7 November 1879 BECKWITH William 27 Bachelor Drummer 16th Regt Foot 33 Brigade Depot, Kempston Joshua BECKWITH Labourer
PEPPER Hannah 19 Spinster Domestic servant Cauldwell St, Bedford James PEPPER Labourer
21 January 1880 MOORE Henry George 24 Bachelor Railway clerk 19 Seymour Road, Attleborough nr Nuneaton John MOORE Shoemaker
BONNER Lucy 25 Spinster   27 Ampthill Street, Bedford James BONNER Brick manufacturer
8 February 1880 BESTER Harry William 24 Bachelor Clerk 3 Albert Road, New Barnet, East Barnet Henry BESTER Gardener
PENNEY Annie 23 Spinster   6 Holme St, Bedford Charles PENNEY Basket maker
29 March 1881 HORE Edward Coode 32 Bachelor Mariner 129 Upper St, Islington, London N. John HORE (deceased) Merchant
GRIBBON Ann Boyle 27 Spinster   Cauldwell St, Bedford William GRIBBON (deceased) Merchant
30 October 1881 GREEN Walter 18 Bachelor Railway porter 1 Holt Row, Cauldwell Street, Bedford George GREEN (deceased) Carpenter
TREADGILL Mary 23 Spinster Domestic servant 49 High Street, Bedford John TREADGILL (deceased) Coachman
24 September 1882 DANIEL Samuel 18 Bachelor Porter Wilstead Thomas DANIEL Porter
ROBERTS Elizabeth 18 Spinster Labourer Wilstead Joseph ROBERTS Labourer
1 September 1888 LOVEDAY George 29 Widower Printer 21 Midland Rd Frederick LOVEDAY Matting maker
HARVEY Martha Ann 25 Spinster   25 Maitland St Thos HARVEY Builder
14 October 1888 BERWICK William 23 Bachelor Labourer Wilstead Jno BERWICK Labourer
BUSHBY Elizabeth Sarah 29 Spinster Lacemaker Wilstead Jno BUSHBY Labourer