Bedford, St Paul - Marriages

January 1846 to December 1855

Number Date Surname First Names Age Condition Profession Residence Father Father's occupation
14 January 1846 BRYANT Thomas Full Bachelor Carpenter Russell Street John BRYANT Labourer
EMMET Edith Full Spinster   Oakley, Bedfordshire Thomas EMMET Labourer
2 February 1846 ROGERS William Minor Bachelor Servant St Pauls Square ROGERS Labourer
WARWICK Lucy Full Spinster Servant St Pauls Square John WARWICK Labourer
12 March 1846 LEONHARDT Frederic Rudelph Full Bachelor Cabinet maker Well Street Frederic Rudelph LEONHARDT Cabinet maker
DIMSEY Sarah Johanna Full Widow   Well Street John FENSOM Baker
22 March 1846 SMITH John Full Widower Bricklayer Well Street Thomas SMITH Bricklayer
MEHEW Frances Full Spinster   Well Street Wiiliam MEHEW Quarry man
12 April 1846 TAYLOR James Full Bachelor Labourer Well Street Henry TAYLOR Brewer
BUSH Eliza Full Spinster   Toddington, Bedfordshire John BUSH  
13 April 1846 WILLSHER Robert Full Bachelor Tailor Gravel Lane Robert WILLSHER Shoemaker
HADDOW Elizabeth Full Spinster Bonnet sewer Gravel Lane William HADDOW Tailor
13 April 1846 GREEN Thomas Full Bachelor Shoemaker Dean, Bedfordshire William GREEN Labourer
MOORE Rebecca Full Spinster   Gwyn Street, Bedford William MOORE Labourer
23 April 1846 FIELD George Full Bachelor Smith Rushden, Hertfordshire James FIELD Farmer
FIELD Martha Full Spinster   Silver Street, Bedford John FIELD Farmer
30 April 1846 GILHAM Joseph Full Bachelor Book binder Crescent Row, Bedford William GILHAM Cabinet maker
SIMMONS Frances Full Spinster Dressmaker Potter Street, Bedford John SIMMONS Shoemaker
3 May 1846 WARD Richard Leach Full Bachelor Carpenter St Peters Green Thomas WARD Poulterer
FLOOD Emma Full Spinster   Well Street, Bedford George FLOOD Currier
18 May 1846 SCHULZ Conrad Full Bachelor Shoemaker All Hallows Lane, Bedford John SCHULZ Wheelwright
HILDEBRAND Anne Elizabeth Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane, Bedford Stephen HILDEBRAND Blacksmith
18 May 1846 HESS Jacob Full Bachelor Tailor All Hallows Lane, Bedford Stephen HESS Tailor
KNIPPER Maria Catherine Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane, Bedford Lomas? KNIPPER Linen weaver
20 May 1846 PITHER Frederic Full Bachelor Joiner Parish of St Albans, Cheapside in the City of London William PITHER Keeper of the Bedford Lunatic Asylum
WALDOCK Caroline Elizabeth Full Spinster Dressmaker St Loyes, Bedford Thomas WALDOCK Butcher
24 May 1846 KNIGHT Richard 22 Bachelor Labourer Grey Friars Walk Thomas KNIGHT Shoemaker
BERRINGTON Sarah 20 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Thomas BERRINGTON Labourer
8 June 1846 WALLIS Robert Ekins 23 Bachelor Joiner St Loyes, Bedford James WALLIS Joiner
HUTCHINGS Mary 23 Spinster   The Crescent James HUTCHINGS Labourer
18 June 1846 TUTT Samuel Full Widower Shoemaker Brace Street William TUTT Tallow chandler
EATON Hannah Full Spinster   Water Lane William EATON Carpenter
12 July 1846 LYON William Full Bachelor Tailor Castle Lane, Bedford John LYON Smyth
SERGEANT Mary Minor Spinster   Castle Lane, Bedford John SERGEANT Hostler
19 July 1846 EBDON Thomas Full Bachelor Carpenter St Pancras, Middlesex Thomas EBDON Carpenter
LITCHFIELD Sarah Full Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford John LITCHFIELD Brewer
20 July 1846 VALENTINE Alfred Full Bachelor Sawyer Gwyn Street James VALENTINE Tailor
MARTINDALE Sarah Minor Spinster   Beauchamp Row William MARTINDALE Whitesmith
26 July 1846 EVANS John Full Bachelor Foundry man Castle Lane, Bedford John EVANS Engineer
LILLEY Sarah Full Spinster   Castle Lane, Bedford James LILLEY Whitesmith
6 August 1846 BRIGGS Henry Full Widower Schoolmaster St Pauls, Bedford John BRIGGS Butcher
WARWICK Rhoda Full Spinster   Ravensden John WARWICK Shepherd
26 August 1846 WILMER William Full Bachelor Servant St Marys, Bedford William WILMER Labourer
COLEMAN Rebecca Full Spinster Servant Tavistock Street, Bedford Henry COLEMAN Labourer
30 August 1846 BRIGSTOCK William Full Bachelor Tailor Gravel Lane William BRIGSTOCK Ostler
GILLHAM Mercy 20 Spinster   Gravel Lane William GILLHAM Bricklayer
21 September 1846 JOHNSON William Full Bachelor Labourer Chandos Street, Bedford John JOHNSON Labourer
THOMPSON Sarah Full Spinster   Chandos Street William THOMPSON Labourer
22 September 1846 BLISSITT William Full Bachelor Baker Stamford in Northamptonshire William BLISSITT Gent
PRIESTMAN Naomi Full Spinster   High Street, Bedford Robert PRIESTMAN Farmer
12 October 1846 CARELESS Ebenezer Full Bachelor Tailor Priory Street James CARELESS Shoemaker
MOBBS Sarah Full Spinster   Well Street Joseph MOBBS Labourer
16 October 1846 WARREN George Full Bachelor Shoe maker Union Street, Bedford Thomas WARREN Labourer
JONES Emma Minor Spinster   Union Street, Bedford William JONES Brewer
2 November 1846 HILLS Samuel Full Widower Labourer Grey Friars Walk Thomas HILLS Labourer
MARGETTS Ann Full Widow   Grey Friars Walk Samuel PINNEY Carpenter
7 November 1846 TYSOE James Full Bachelor Labourer George Yard Samuel TYSOE Labourer
WOODCOCK Charlotte Full Spinster   George Yard William WOODCOCK Labourer
22 November 1846 COOKE Charles Full Bachelor Clerk Adelaide Square, Bedford Charles COOKE Solicitor
ROBB Lucy Frederica Full Spinster   Adelaide Square William ROBB Farmer
23 November 1846 COUZENS James Full Bachelor Labourer Horne Lane Abraham COUZENS Labourer
LITTLE Martha Full Spinster   Gravel Lane Thomas LITTLE Labourer
29 November 1846 PESTELL Thomas Full Bachelor Cordwainer Well St, Bedford Richard PESTELL Cordwainer
CARTER Sarah Full Spinster   Priory Terrace, Bedford John CARTER Labourer
6 December 1846 HICKMAN Thomas 19 Bachelor Waggoner Gravel Lane Joseph HICKMAN Labourer
KNIGHT Mary 22 Spinster   All Hallows Lane John KNIGHT Millwright
21 December 1846 BARRICK William Full Bachelor Labourer Ram Yard Richard BARRICK Sack carrier
BYWAY Elizabeth Full Spinster Servant Ram Yard William BYWAY Servant
25 December 1846 SERGEANT William Full Bachelor Waggoner St Pauls Square John SERGEANT Labourer
JARVIS Sarah Full Spinster   Shillington in Bedfordshire Samuel JARVIS Farmer
25 December 1846 DARLOW William Full Widower Blacksmith Harpur Street William DARLOW Blacksmith
RANDALL Elizabeth Full Widow   Harpur Street William YOUNG Bricklayer
31 January 1847 FOX Joseph Minor Bachelor Carpenter Princes Street, St Peters Charles FOX Carpenter
FISH Elizabeth Minor Spinster   Union Street Samuel FISH Grocer
3 February 1847 LITCHFIELD John Full Bachelor Brewer Tavistock Street John LITCHFIELD Brewer
MAYES Rebecca Full Spinster   St Loyes Jeremiah MAYES Tailor
Bride signs MAYS
7 February 1847 WATTS James Full Widower Shoemaker Beauchamp Row, Bedford Thomas WATTS Labourer
TAYLOR Jane Full Spinster Laundress Beauchamp Row William TAYLOR Labourer
18 March 1847 LAWLEY Robert Full Bachelor Cordwainer High Street George LAWLEY Cordwainer
CUMBERLAND Elizabeth Full Spinster   High Street William CUMBERLAND Labourer
25 March 1847 MAXEY Henry Full Bachelor Carpenter Gwyn St William MAXEY Carpenter
ABBOTT Elizabeth Ann 20 Spinster   St Loyes John ABBOTT Tailor
5 April 1847 CRICK Isaac Full Bachelor Tailor Parish of St Andrews, Ampthill William CRICK Gardener
DENYER Elizabeth Full Spinster   Harpur Street, Bedford Joseph DENYER Shoemaker
6 April 1847 BRYANT Thomas Full Bachelor Bricklayer Grey Friars Walk Thomas BRYANT Carpenter
PRATT Elizabeth Full Spinster Dressmaker Thurlow Street William PRATT Carpenter
6 April 1847 FORSCUTT Charles Full Bachelor Shoemaker St Andrews, Hertford Robert FORSCUTT Shoemaker
SEXON Elizabeth Full Spinster   Crescent, Bedford John SEXON Labourer
20 April 1847 WHITE William Full Bachelor Upholsterer Gwyn Street George WHITE Farmer
LILLEY Ellen Full Spinster   High Street Joseph LILLEY Fishmonger
8 June 1847 SHELTON Alfred George Full Bachelor French polisher Harpur Street Robert SHELTON Carver & gilder
THOMPSON Mary Full Spinster Dressmaker Harpur Street William THOMPSON Nursery man
25 June 1847 HARRIS Joseph Full Bachelor Blacksmith Union Street, Bedford John HARRIS Labourer
RUSSEL Ann Full Spinster   Gwyn Street Jacob RUSSEL Farmer?
6 July 1847 MOBBS William Full Bachelor Shoemaker Well Street, Bedford William MOBBS Brickmaker
TAYLOR Elizabeth Minor Spinster   Well Street, Bedford Thomas TAYLOR Maltster
12 July 1847 WHITING John 31 Bachelor Labourer Castle Hill, Bedford Thomas WHITING Labourer
SMITH Lucy 23 Spinster Dressmaker Grey Friars Walk, Bedford Thomas SMITH Shoemaker
1 August 1847 CARROL William Full Bachelor Tailor Gravel Lane, Bedford William CARROL Labourer
GILLHAM Martha Full Spinster   Gravel Lane William GILLHAM Bricklayer
29 August 1847 CLIFTON William Full Widower Wheelwright Grey Friars Walk John CLIFTON Baker
SAFFORD Matilda Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk James SAFFORD Shoemaker
31 August 1847 CHAMBERS James Full Bachelor Tailor Gravel Lane William CHAMBERS Bricklayer
WRIGHT Eliza Full Widow   Tower Court Abraham FELL Nurseryman
2 September 1847 COPPERWAITE Thomas Full Bachelor Labourer Priory Street, Bedford Charles COPPERWAITE Labourer
BALDOCK Emma 20 Spinster   High Street, Bedford George BALDOCK Labourer
12 September 1847 CHETTLE Joseph Full Bachelor Labourer Harpur Street Joseph CHETTLE Labourer?
WILKINS Susanna Full Spinster Servant Harpur Street John?? WILKINS Butcher
13 September 1847 FLEMING John Full Bachelor Shoemaker Priory Street James FLEMING Shoemaker
PLACKETT Mary Ann Full Spinster   Priory Street    
4 October 1847 MOOR Richard Watson Full Bachelor Clerk Stoke St Gregory Richard Watson MOOR Clerk
TRAPP Anna Maria Full Widow   Harpur Place, Bedford William HALFHEAD Corn factor
14 October 1847 IZZARD William Full Widower Maltster Milton Ernest, Bedford John IZZARD Labourer
ANSELL Mary Full Spinster Servant Union Street, Bedford William ANSELL Harness maker
1 November 1847 GARLICK William Full Widower Carrier Dane Street, Bedford James GARLICK Labourer
NUNN Sarah Full Widow   Dane Street Thomas ING Labourer
28 November 1847 CLARKE William Full Bachelor Pensioner Water Lane William CLARKE Inn keeper
GOODMAN Mary Full Spinster   St Johns Street William GOODMAN Labourer
6 December 1847 JENKS John Full Widower Gent (illegible) John JENKS Innkeeper
TEBBS Mary Full Widow Innkeeper St Pauls, Bedford Robert HILL Coachman
27 December 1847 DARKER Joseph Frederick Full Bachelor Policeman Russell Street John DARKER Gardener
CLEMENTS Hannah Full Spinster   Russell Street Robert CLEMENTS Tailor
4 January 1848 MOBBS Henry Full Widower Grocer St Giles in the Town of Northampton William MOBBS Plumber & glazier
WELLS Ann Taylor Full Spinster   Tavistock Street George WELLS Gent
9 January 1848 LANE James Full Bachelor Labourer Canning Street James LANE Labourer
WESTROP Ruth Full Spinster   Canning Street George WESTROP Sausage maker
13 January 1848 WELLS William White Full Widower Publican Harpur Street George WELLS Gent
GINN Susan Full Spinster Housekeeper Hawes Street Thomas GINN Labourer
30 January 1848 BEVAN Elias Full Bachelor Waiter High Street William BEVAN Labourer
NICHOLLS Frances Full Spinster Servant High Street Isaac NICHOLLS Labourer
1 February 1848 MATTHEWS Henry Full Bachelor Post boy Ampthill, Bedfordshire James MATTHEWS Labourer
HARTOP Elizabeth Full Spinster   High Street, Bedford John HARTOP Labourer
10 February 1848 BAILEY Arthur Full Bachelor Surveyor Elstow, Bedfordshire Charles BAILEY Gent
LOVELIDGE Maria Louisa Full Spinster   Well Street, Bedford Thomas LOVELIDGE Schoolmaster
10 February 1848 LITCHFIELD John Full Bachelor Labourer Gravel Lane, Bedford William LITCHFIELD Labourer
ELLIOTT Sarah Full Spinster   Gravel Lane John ELLIOTT Saddler
7 March 1848 GREGSON John Full Bachelor Stoker Well Street John GREGSON Labourer
BEEBY Sarah Full Spinster   Well Street, Bedford John BEEBY Labourer
30 March 1848 TROLLEY Benjamin Full Bachelor French polisher Castle Lane Henry TROLLEY Tailor
EATON Elizabeth Full Spinster Dressmaker Beckett Street William EATON Carpenter
23 April 1848 HAMMOND John Thomas Full Bachelor Cooper All Hallows Lane John HAMMOND Pensioner
BENNETT Ann Minor Spinster   All Hallows Lane Thomas BENNETT Labourer
15 May 1848 WHIFFIN Edward Full Bachelor Blacksmith Grey Friars Walk, Bedford Edward WHIFFIN Gardener
WRIGHT Catherine Full Spinster Dressmaker Grey Friars Walk John WRIGHT Tailor
1 June 1848 SMITH Emery Full Widower Baker Tavistock Street John SMITH Farmer
ROFFE Sarah Full Spinster   Tavistock Street William ROFFE Shoemaker
6 June 1848 RAWLINS Henry Lawful age Bachelor Wine merchant High Street, Bedford Henry RAWLINS Gentleman
WALKER Lucy Lawful age Spinster   High Street, Bedford William WALKER Hatter
15 June 1848 PINDAR Henry Full Bachelor Machinist Water Lane Charles PINDAR Machinist
MACAULEY Caroline Full Spinster Shoe binder Water Lane Edward MACAULEY Labourer
15 June 1848 HARPER George Full Bachelor Carpenter Elstow, Bedfordshire George HARPER Labourer
BENNS Sarah Full Spinster Servant Crescent, Bedford Robert BENNS Labourer
23 June 1848 PURSER George Full Widower Smith Priory Street Thomas PURSER Servant
HARRIS Sarah Full Spinster   Priory Street James HARRIS Labourer
18 July 1848 WHITMORE Samuel Full Bachelor Labourer Well Street, Bedford John WHITMORE Labourer
NEAL Elizabeth Full Spinster Servant Well Street Isaac NEAL Labourer
20 July 1848 EKINS George Full Bachelor Baker Tavistock Street, St Peters, Bedford William EKINS Butcher
LACEY Louisa Ann Freshwater Full Spinster   Castle Hill, St Pauls, Bedford Edward LACEY Late a servant
13 August 1848 MAKEAM George 25 Bachelor Labourer Biddenham John MAKEAM Labourer
LUDDINGTON Eliza Jane 19 Spinster   Dane Street, Bedford William LUDDINGTON Shoemaker
23 August 1848 BOWLES Thomas Edward Full Bachelor Printer Gwyn St Henry BOWLES School mater
SMITH Rebecca Full Widow   Gadsby St John EDGSON? Butcher
8 October 1848 TEW James Full Bachelor Footman Earls Barton in the County of Northamptonshire Thomas TEW Labourer
APPLEBY Emma Full Spinster   Dane Street, St Pauls William APPLEBY Labourer
29 October 1848 CHOWN Robert Full Bachelor Miller Higham Ferrers Thomas CHOWN Miller
TAYLOR Ann Full Spinster   St Loyes Thomas TAYLOR Carpenter
30 October 1848 TYSOE Timothy Full Bachelor Shoemaker Turvey, Bedfordshire David TYSOE Shoemaker
TATMAN Mary Full Spinster   Best Alms Houses, St Pauls William TATMAN Labourer
30 October 1848 GREEN Joseph Full Bachelor Miller Rushden, Northamptonshire Edward GREEN Miller
HARRIS Mary Full Spinster   Horne Lane, Bedford John HARRIS Dealer
19 November 1848 SMITH Thomas Full Bachelor Labourer Brace Street John SMITH Labourer
KENDAL Eliza Full Spinster   Hawes Street    
27 November 1848 IVES John 24 Bachelor Basket maker Hawes Street John IVES Basket maker
LOVELL Sarah 19 Spinster   Hawes Street Jonathan HULATT Mat maker
5 December 1848 PEERS Humphrey Full Widower Butcher High Street John PEERS Lace dealer
HAILS Mary Full Spinster   High Street William HAILS Labourer
14 December 1848 NADEN George Full Bachelor Draper Union Street, Bedford Noah NADEN Draper
COX Elizabeth Full Spinster   Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire Oliver COX Gent
27 December 1848 DUNLOP James Full Bachelor Corn factor St Loyes Street, Bedford William DUNLOP Farmer
TANSLEY Sarah Full Spinster   St Loyes Street, Bedford Joseph TANSLEY Butcher
26 January 1849 KIMBER Thomas Full Bachelor Moulder Dane Street Thomas KIMBER Carpenter
CAMBERS Mary Full Spinster   St Cuthberts, Bedford Thomas CAMBERS Labourer
28 January 1849 WESTROP Joseph Full Bachelor Servant Horne Lane George WESTROP Sausage maker
MINNEY Mary Full Widow Servant Priory Terrace James THODY Labourer
11 February 1849 AGUTTER William Full Widower Carpenter Ram Yard Thomas AGUTTER Labourer
GREEN Elizabeth Full Spinster   Ram Yard Charles GREEN Stone sawyer
8 April 1849 AXAM James Minor Bachelor Labourer Tower Court John AXAM Labourer
HILL Ellen Minor Spinster   Tower Court William HILL Miller
22 April 1849 BELLDOM Frederick Prior Full Bachelor Tailor Grey Friars Walk Joseph BELLDOM Shoemaker
WOODWARD Sarah Full Spinster Servant St Loyes Thomas SAUNDERS Labourer
Groom signs BELDOM
24 April 1849 WEBB Edward Full Bachelor Mail boy St Pauls Square James WEBB Labourer
SERGEANT Julia Full Spinster   St Pauls Square John SERGEANT Labourer
1 May 1849 WICKENS Joseph Full Widower Cottager Russell Street Joseph WICKENS Labourer
TINSLEY Truey Full Spinster   Conduit Street John TINSLEY Labourer
3 May 1849 TAYLOR Thomas Full Bachelor Carpenter St Loyes Street, Bedford Thomas TAYLOR Carpenter
MILLARD Mary Ann Full Spinster   Girtford, Bedfordshire James MILLARD Butcher
11 May 1849 FERRIS James John Full Widower Baker Gadsby Street Elias FERRIS Mason
FLANNELLY Georgiana Caroline Full Widow   Gadsby Street John HARDING Baker
21 May 1849 RIDDY John Full Widower Carpenter All Hallows Lane John RIDDY Carpenter
BISHOP Mary Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane John BISHOP Soldier
21 May 1849 CARRUTHERS Joseph Full Bachelor Hawker All Hallows Lane John CARRUTHERS Spinner
HENNEY Mary Ann Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane James HENNEY Clock & watch maker
22 May 1849 HAGUE Thomas Full Bachelor Currier Gwyn Street John HAGUE Labourer
AGUTTER Mary Ann Full Spinster   The Crescent Joseph AGUTTER Labourer
23 May 1849 WORTHINGTON Henry Burdett Full Widower Clerk St Pauls ..'d WORTHINGTON M.D.
HALFHEAD Harriett Full Spinster   St Pauls William HALFHEAD Gent'n
28 May 1849 BARTON James Howard Full Bachelor Labourer Priory Street John BARTON Furrier's? man
GASCOIN Eliza Full Spinster   Priory Street William GASCOIN Carpenter
29 May 1849 JOHNSON William Full Bachelor Labourer Biddenham Uriah JOHNSON Labourer
BROMWELL Sarah Full Spinster   Horne Lane John BROMWELL Labourer
5 June 1849 JARVIS Samuel Wainwright 21 Bachelor Stone mason Gwyn Street Thomas JARVIS Brewer
TILCOCK Ann 22 Spinster Dressmaker Harpur Street George TILCOCK Gardener
21 June 1849 BYWAY William Full Widower Pentioner Howard Street, Bedford William BYWAY Late a soldier
MOORE Ann Full Widow   Howard Street John DUNHAM Carpenter
23 June 1849 SMITH William Full Bachelor Cordwainer Northallerton, Yorkshire William SMITH Cordwainer
WALTON Ann Full Spinster   Union Street, Bedford .uston WALTON Servant
24 June 1849 GUDGIN Thomas Full Widower Farmer Marston, Bedfordshire Thomas GUDGIN Farmer
LILES Elizabeth Full Spinster   Russell Street James LILES Farmer
13 July 1849 WALDOCK Thomas Roberson Full Widower Labourer Gravel Lane Thomas WALDOCK Tradesman
WARRICK Betsey Full Widow   Gravel Lane Samuel ALLEN Carpenter
7 August 1849 TINSLEY William 19 Bachelor Labourer Conduit Street John TINSLEY Labourer
CARROL Fanny 21 Spinster   Adelaide Square George CARROL Labourer
4 September 1849 HAYDON Daniel 30 Bachelor Shoemaker Gadsby Street, Bedford Michael HAYDON Pensioner
WEBB Ann 21 Spinster   Willington Stephen WEBB Labourer
25 September 1849 BARNARD Talbot Full Bachelor Gentleman St Pauls Square Thomas BARNARD Banker
FITZPATRICK Mary Full Spinster   The Lodge, St Pauls Nicholas FITZPATRICK Physician
30 September 1849 BERRINGTON Thomas 20 Bachelor Labourer Priory Street Thomas BERRINGTON Butcher
SIMMS Sophey 18 Spinster   Priory Street James SIMMS Labourer
5 October 1849 JELLY William Henry Full Bachelor Tinman Gwyn Street Henry JELLY Brazier
ODELL Eleanor Full Spinster Milliner Queens Head Lane John ODELL Gardener
12 October 1849 ASHBY Robert Full Bachelor Shoemaker St Marys, Bedford William ASHBY Coach trimmer
RUSSELL Mary Full Spinster   Priory Terrace John RUSSELL Shoemaker
15 October 1849 PICKERING Christopher Full Bachelor Currier Well Street, St Pauls Matthew PICKERING Inn keeper
PLOWMAN Elizabeth Full Spinster   Well Street James PLOWMAN Baker
16 October 1849 SANDERS Peter Lewis Full Bachelor Bookbinder Well Street, Bedford James SANDERS Labourer
HULL Sarah Full Spinster   Well Street, Bedford John HULL Currier
28 October 1849 EKINS Edward Full Bachelor Bricklayer Hassett Street George EKINS Labourer
SINDEN Mary Full Spinster   Hassett Street Thomas SINDEN Bricklayer
29 October 1849 PAGE George Full Bachelor Brickmaker Beauchamp Row, St Pauls William PAGE Brickmaker
PURSER Lucy Full Spinster Servant Beauchamp Row Charles PURSER Horse dealer
29 October 1849 JOHNSON Edward Albone Full Bachelor Labourer Beauchamp Row Uryah JOHNSON Labourer
SUGARS Sarah Full Spinster   Beauchamp Row William SUGARS Labourer
6 November 1849 HARRIS William Full Widower Hostler St Marys, Bedford John HARRIS Dealer
FLANDERS Frances Full Spinster   Horne Lane, Bedford John FLANDERS Labourer
6 December 1849 FINCH William Full Bachelor Farmer Hardmead in the County of Buckinghamshire Thomas FINCH Farmer
RUFFHEAD Harriet Minor * Spinster   Priory Street William RUFFHEAD Butcher
* "with consent of father"
16 December 1849 YERRALL Thomas 45 Widower Carpenter Well Street, Bedford William YERRALL Farmer
KIDD Mary Ann Hull 26 Spinster   Well Street, Bedford James KIDD Labourer
25 December 1849 PAGE William Full Bachelor Shoe maker Well Street, St Pauls John COLES Coach painter
BOYTON Martha Full Spinster   Horne Lane Richard BOYTON Malster
Bride signs BOYTEN
6 January 1850 LOYLEY William Full Widower Saddler Rose Yard John LOYLEY Saddler
CATLIN Emily Full Spinster   Castle Lane William Henry CATLIN Shoemaker
7 January 1850 SIMMS William Minor Bachelor Hairdresser St Johns, Bedford James SIMMS Labourer
NICHOLLS Lucy Full Spinster   Gwyn Street, Bedford John NICHOLLS Post man
Bride signs NICHOLS
29 January 1850 BONNEY Enoch 20 Bachelor Sawyer Grey Friars Walk Benjamin BONNEY Blacksmith
STOCK Elizabeth 19 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk William STOCK Labourer
31 January 1850 BALL Thomas Full Widower Porter St Loyes, Bedford John BALL Dyer
RAW Mary Full Spinster   Barony Parish on Glasgow Martin RAW Farmer
26 February 1850 HARVEY William Full Bachelor Butcher Well Street, St Pauls Thomas HARVEY Harness maker
PRIGMORE Sarah Full Spinster   St Peters, Bedford John PRIGMORE Labourer
28 February 1850 EATON John Full Widower Wheelwright Woodford John EATON Bichton??
JARVIS Elizabeth Full Spinster   Gwyn Street, Bedford Thomas JARVIS Labourer
3 March 1850 GLADWIN Edward 25 Bachelor Smith Castle Lane John GLADWIN Smith
PRUDEN Jane 23 Spinster   Mill Street William PRUDEN Publican
18 March 1850 MASSAM Robert 28 Bachelor Ostler County Jail, St Pauls Edward MASSAM Bricklayer
ELLIS Ann 23 Spinster   St Pauls James ELLIS Brazier
1 April 1850 CLARK Charles Minor Bachelor Labourer Hawes Street Robert CLARK Labourer
BOUSTON Eliza Full Spinster   Hawes Street John BOUSTON Labourer
2 April 1850 CARPENTER Frederick Stanley Full Bachelor Assistant Commissory General St Marylebone, Middlesex Thomas Digby CARPENTER Captain in the Army
BARNARD Emma Full Spinster   St Pauls Square Thomas BARNARD Banker
29 April 1850 FARMER Alfred Full Bachelor Painter etc. Hanford? Row John FARMER Basket maker
SHEPPARD Pheobe Minor Spinster   Harpur Street Stephen SHEPPARD Plumber
Bride signs Phoebe
16 May 1850 WHITE Charles Full Bachelor Brickmaker St Pauls, Bedford George WHITE Gardener
COLLINS Emma Full Spinster   St Pauls Square John COLLINS Hairdresser
19 May 1850 DANIELS William Minor Bachelor Sawyer All Hallows Lane James DANIELS Sawyer
CLARK Elizabeth Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane Joseph CLARK Labourer
20 May 1850 BLACKWELL Thomas Full Bachelor Smith Castle Lane William BLACKWELL Smith
DANIELS Betsy Full Spinster   Castle Lane James DANIELS Sawyer
24 June 1850 STACEY William Full Bachelor Shoemaker Brace Street Robert STACEY Labourer
HEDGE Catharine Minor     All Hallows Lane Reuben HEDGE Brickmaker
27 June 1850 SMITH Thomas 30 Widower Shop keeper Pavenham in Bedfordshire Samuel SMITH Labourer
EASY Sarah 25 Spinster   Harpur Street William EASY Tailor
4 July 1850 WILLSHAW Richard Lane Full Bachelor Pipe maker Silver Street James WILLSHAW Pipe maker
HARDWICK Emma Full Spinster Dressmaker Silver Street Joseph HARDWICK Labourer
8 July 1850 ALVEY John 25 Widower Hostler St Pauls Square John ALVEY Hostler
ALLEN Sarah 34 Spinster Shoe binder Grey Friars Walk Edward ALLEN Shoe maker
12 July 1850 GREEN John 30 Bachelor Carpenter Tavistock Street, St Pauls Maydwell GREEN Carpenter
DINES Jane 25 Spinster   Tavistock Street Charles DINES Veterinary surgeon
16 July 1850 WHIFFEN Richard 24 Bachelor Labourer Grey Friars Walk Edward WHIFFEN Gardener
BAKER Eliza 29 Spinster Servant Harpur Street Thomas BAKER Labourer
7 August 1850 CHIDGEY Thomas Full Bachelor Stone mason Grey Friars Walk Henry CHIDGEY Stone mason
GAZELEY Eliza Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk William GAZELEY Shoe maker
13 August 1850 NORTON Edward 23 Bachelor Grocer West Ham, Essex Thomas NORTON Carpenter
COLEMAN Mary Elizabeth 28 Spinster   High Street Corbett COLEMAN  
28 August 1850 PAYNE Joseph 38 Widower Painter Adelaide Square, Bedford Robert PAYNE Pensioner
COVINGTON Elizabeth 27 Spinster   Farrer Street, Bedford William COVINGTON Labourer
2 September 1850 PLATT John 31 Bachelor Labourer Horne Lane William PLATT Mason
BROMWELL Mary 25 Spinster   Horne Lane John BROMWELL Porter
29 September 1850 ROSE James 28 Bachelor Shoemaker Well Street John ROSE File cutter
MEGRIGER Mary 22 Spinster   Well Street William MEGRIGER Sailor
17 October 1850 CURTIS John Full Widower Labourer Elstow, Bedfordshire Thomas CURTIS Labourer
WARD Eliza Full Spinster Servant Bromham Road John WARD Labourer
22 October 1850 CARELESS Thomas Full Bachelor Tailor Priory Street James CARELESS Shoemaker
WALKER Eliza Full Spinster Servant Grey Friars Walk James WALKER Stone? dealer
24 October 1850 ALLARD James Full Bachelor Dealer Well Street Joseph ALLARD Fishmonger
CUNVIN Mary Full Spinster Hawker Well Street William CUNVIN Hawker
6 November 1850 SEAR William 22 Bachelor Dealer All Hallows Lane Henry SEAR Turner
DAVIES Mary Ann 23 Spinster   All Hallows Lane John DAVIES Constable
12 November 1850 COX William Full Bachelor Baker Haynes, Bedfordshire George COX Grocer
BROWNHILL Sophia Full Spinster Bonnet maker Priory Street William BROWNHILL Gardener
18 November 1850 CHAPPELL William 29 Bachelor Labourer Union Square, St Pauls John CHAPPELL Labourer
SHAW Fanny 35 Spinster   Union Square Thomas SHAW Carpenter
4 December 1850 COOK Henry Full Widower Baker Stonley in the Parish of Kimbolton, Hunts Thomas COOK Harmess maker
PERRY Ann Full Spinster   Union Street, Bedford John PERRY Farmer
26 December 1850 KNIGHT Thomas 25 Bachelor Bricklayer Hassett Street Thomas KNIGHT Shoemaker
WHEATLY Mary 26 Spinster   Hassett Street George WHEATLY Labourer
20 January 1851 THOMASON Isaac Full Bachelor Labourer Blunham Thomas THOMASON Labourer
CLARKE Sarah Full Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford William CLARKE Labourer
27 January 1851 CLANCY William 23 Bachelor Coach builder Hassett Street John CLANCY Coach builder
HICKEY Caroline 20 Spinster   Hassett Street Michael HICKEY Labourer
3 February 1851 CUTCLIFFE John Elworthy Full Bachelor Draper High Street Charles John CUTCLIFFE Farmer
WOOTTON Ann Full Widow Draper High Street Isaac HURST Clergyman
9 February 1851 DEAN David Full Bachelor Servant Ram Yard George DEAN Labourer
DAWSON Sarah Ann Full Spinster   Ram Yard Thomas DAWSON Labourer
6 March 1851 MORTON James 27 Bachelor Ironmonger High St James MORTON Farmer
WALTON Mary Elizabeth 22 Spinster   High St John William WALTON Ironmonger
13 March 1851 BATESON John Full Bachelor Clergyman St Pauls, Victoria Terrace Christopher BATESON Clergyman
BIRD Penelope Margaret Full Spinster   St Pauls, Victoria Terrace Thomas BIRD Merchant
18 March 1851 BRYANT John Full Widower Labourer Well Street John BRYANT Wool comber
CONSTANT Elizabeth Full Widow   Harpur Place William CRISP Farmer
8 April 1851 CROFT James 22 Bachelor Labourer All Hallows Lane William Henry CROFT Publican
LOASBY Sarah 20 Spinster   Malden's Yard William LOASBY Weaver
16 April 1851 FRANCIS Charles Full Bachelor Carpenter Gwyn Street Samuel FRANCIS Builder
PRIOR Martha Full Spinster   Well Street William PRIOR Tailor
18 April 1851 JONES William Full Bachelor Grocer Silver Street John JONES Carpenter
BRYANT Eliza Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Thomas BRYANT Builder
23 April 1851 JOYCE John 21 Bachelor Labourer Goldington John JOYCE Milkman
HASELDINE Elizabeth Ann 20 Spinster   Well St, Bedford William HASELDINE Labourer
Groom signs JOICE
24 April 1851 MAYOU Edward Full Bachelor Draper Atherstone, Warwickshire Benjamin MAYOU Draper
WELLS Frances Ann Minor Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford Thomas Pratt WELLS Gentleman
5 May 1851 FINDING James Full Bachelor Cordwainer Well Street Samuel FINDING Cordwainer
WEST Emma Full Spinster   Well Street John WEST Labourer
12 May 1851 NORMAN Henry 23 Bachelor Labourer Greenhill Street John NORMAN Baker
GEEVES Harriet 30 Widow   Greenhill Street John RABBET Shoemaker
13 June 1851 WOOTTON William 19 Bachelor Painter Union Street John WOOTTON Shoemaker
MYERS Elizabeth 19 Spinster   Union Street Richard MYERS Brewer
1 July 1851 CHAPMAN John 29 Bachelor Surgeon Gwyn Street, Bedford William CHAPMAN Courier
CARPENTER Eliza 22 Spinster   Rothwell, Northamptonshire John CARPENTER Surgeon
2 July 1851 YATES George 28 Bachelor Surgeon Birmingham, Warwickshire George YATES Merchant
GRAYSON Mary Sophia 21 Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford John GRAYSON Gentleman
13 July 1851 PERKINS Andrew Full Bachelor Printer Grey Friars Walk George PERKINS Brewer
SMITH Mary Full Spinster   Beckett Street William SMITH Tailor
24 July 1851 CHETTLE John 23 Bachelor Porter Union Square Joseph CHETTLE Auctioneer
COLGRAVE Susan 24 Spinster   Union Square Samuel COLGRAVE Labourer
28 July 1851 GARNER James 26 Widower Machine maker Beauchamp Row George GARNER Butcher
SUMMERFIELD Lucy 22 Spinster   Beauchamp Row William SUMMERFIELD Labourer
8 August 1851 GEAR George 23 Bachelor Shoemaker Grey Friars Walk Thomas GEAR Labourer
VALENTINE Jane Letitia 24 Spinster   Gwyn Street James VALENTINE Tailor
12 August 1851 BUTCHER George 24 Bachelor Bricklayer White Horse Street George BUTCHER Bricklayer
STOKES Charlotte 19 Spinster   White Horse Street Thomas STOKES Labourer
8 September 1851 FOOT Joseph 29 Bachelor Bricklayer Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire James FOOT Bricklayer
SMITH Hannah 27 Spinster   High Street, St Pauls, Bedford William SMITH Labourer
19 September 1851 HAYNES Thomas 22 Bachelor Brickalyer Well Street James HAYNES Brickalyer
RAWLINS Elizabeth 21 Spinster   Water Lane (unknown)  
25 September 1851 CRUMP Charles 24 Bachelor Labourer Gravel Lane John CRUMP Labourer
MEHEW Eliza 24 Widow   Gravel Lane John MILLS Labourer
5 October 1851 ROBINSON Charles Full Bachelor Warder at the Jail County Jail William ROBINSON Butcher
UPTON Frances Full Spinster   St Loyes John UPTON Attorney
13 October 1851 PAYNE George Full Bachelor Shoemaker Wills Street John PAYNE Shoemaker
MEAKINS Elizabeth Full Spinster   Wills Street James MEAKINS Shoemaker
13 October 1851 CHRISTMAS Abel Full Bachelor Coach smith Beckett Street Thomas CHRISTMAS Coach maker
CHRISTMAS Mary Ann Full Spinster   Tavistock Street Henry CHRISTMAS Coach maker
16 October 1851 TOMLINSON Edward Full Bachelor Clerk St Marys, Islington William TOMLINSON Upholsterer
YORKE Charlotte Full Spinster   Conduit Street William YORKE Butcher
23 October 1851 SNOW Thomas Full Bachelor Blacksmith Castle Lane Thomas Page SNOW Blacksmith
BATCHELOR Catherine Full Spinster   Keysoe William BATCHELOR Gardener
26 October 1851 ODELL James Full Widower Labourer Dane Street George ODELL Labourer
CURTIS Eliza Full Spinster   Dane Street William CURTIS Tailor
30 October 1851 GRAVES George Full Widower Publican All Hallows Lane Thomas GRAVES Baker
BERRINGTON Emma Full Widow   All Hallows Lane Joseph BISHOP Labourer
3 November 1851 PAYNE Robert Full Widower Brewer Castle Lane John PAYNE Porter
PAYNE Elizabeth Full Spinster Housekeeper The Moat Daniel PAYNE Farmer
4 November 1851 SELL Elias Full Bachelor Traveller Harpur Street James SELL Traveller
CUNVIN Jane Full Spinster   Harpur Street William CUNVIN Traveller
9 November 1851 LANE James Full Widower Sausage maker Grey Friars Walk James LANE Servant
WESTROP Elizabeth Full Widow   Grey Friars Walk Benjamin WESTROP Sausage maker
9 November 1851 SKERMAN William Full Bachelor Whitesmith Dane Street Thomas SKERMAN Brazier
STANTON Sarah Jane Full Spinster   Ram Yard John STANTON Basket maker
10 November 1851 FITZHUGH Thomas Full Bachelor Tailor All Hallows Lane Richard FITZHUGH Sexton
BULL Sarah Full Spinster Servant Rev J. Donne, St Pauls Square Henry BULL Cordwainer
Entries 497-500 were not used
17 November 1851 WELCH William 21 Bachelor Musician All Hallows Lane William WELCH Basket maker
HEDGE Sarah 26 Spinster   All Hallows Lane Reuben HEDGE Brickmaker
20 November 1851 WRIGHT Joseph 32 Bachelor Tailor Sheep Street, Northampton William Brooks WRIGHT Baker
BURGOYNE Susannah 31 Spinster   St Loyes at Bedford William BURGOYNE Builder
25 December 1851 WARR William Full Bachelor Groom Well Street Joseph WARR Watchmaker
BITHREY Lucy Full Spinster   Well Street John BITHREY Baker
25 December 1851 HOLLAND Edwin 20 Bachelor Hawker Harpur Street John HOLLAND Labourer
HYDE Mary 21 Spinster   Harpur Street Thomas HYDE Traveller
29 December 1851 LOYLEY George Full Bachelor Labourer Water Lane William LOYLEY Harness maker
LACK Harriet Full Spinster   Water Lane Thomas LACK Dealer
25 January 1852 SWALES Alonzo 23 Bachelor Bookbinder Gwyn Street Frederick SWALES Painter
BRYER Charlotte 23 Spinster   Dane Street Charles BRYER Cabinet maker
Bride signs BRYANT
2 February 1852 GUESS James Full Bachelor Basket maker Beckett St James GUESS Shoemaker
SALMON Sarah   Widow   Beckett St William STONE Carpenter
9 February 1852 ECCLES Edwin 21 Bachelor Shoe maker All Hallows Lane Henry ECCLES Shoe maker
CATLIN Emily 19 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Charles CATLIN Shoe maker
1 March 1852 WELSH William Full Bachelor Licensed hawker Paradine Court Alexander WELSH Bricklayer
KEAGLE Jane Full Spinster   Paradine Court Abraham KEAGLE Cooper
3 April 1852 PARSONS John 27 Bachelor Chief Warder at the Prison St Loyes Thomas PARSONS Shoe manufacturer
COOMBS Mary 26 Spinster   Silver St William COOMBS Chief Constable of Bedford
13 April 1852 LUXTON William 26 Bachelor Surgeon Winkleigh, Devon William LUXTON Surgeon
MORGAN Susanna 24 Spinster   Adelaide Place Philip MORGAN Surveyor of taxes
Groom signs William Tidboald LUXTON
18 April 1852 MARSHALL Charles 41 Widower Labourer Tower Court Joseph MARSHALL Labourer
MAYS Priscilla 40 Widow   Tower Court George BULL Labourer
22 April 1852 ODELL John 21 Bachelor Painter Well Street Dunn ODELL School master
MUNSEY Eliza 20 Spinster   Well Street Thomas MUNSEY Shoe maker
9 May 1852 GILLHAM William 22 Bachelor Bricklayer Patteshall St William GILLHAM Bricklayer
ROBINSON Lydia 22 Spinster   Patteshall St John ROBINSON Labourer
15 June 1852 LONG Edward Full Widower Ironmonger St Peters William LONG Ironmonger
HURST Amelia Full Spinster   Wills Street William HURST Clerk
29 June 1852 WARTER Edward Full Bachelor Clerk Great Hanwood, Salop Henry De Gray WARTER Esquire
HARRIES Charlotte Gertrude Full Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford Francis Blithe HARRIES  
1 July 1852 INFIELD William Full Widower Farmer Gwyn Street William INFIELD School master
FISHER Ann Full Widow Stay maker Gwyn Street William HOLDING Carpenter
11 July 1852 JORDAN Charles Full Bachelor Blacksmith Castle Lane Joseph JORDAN Blacksmith
FLEMING Isabella Full Spinster   Isadlington Thomas OSBORN Boot & shoe maker
12 July 1852 EVANS George William Full Bachelor Paper hanger Beckett Street William EVANS Labourer
STOCK Mary Ann Full Spinster   Dane Street William STOCK Upholsterer
25 July 1852 BROWN James Full Widower Labourer Grey Friars Walk William BROWN Labourer
KNIGHT Sarah Full Widow   Priory St Thomas BERRINGTON Labourer
27 July 1852 BOWERS John Full Widower Carpenter Shefford John BOWERS Carpenter
HODGKINS Ann Full Widow   Dane Street John PEARCE Carpenter
28 July 1852 HAWKINS Fox John Full Bachelor Carpenter Dunstable Richard HAWKINS Tailor
CLARKE Ann Full Spinster   Patteshall Street Thomas CLARKE Baker
3 August 1852 MILTON Frederic Full Bachelor Labourer All Hallows Lane James MILTON Tradesman
PHEASEY Hannah   Widow   All Hallows Lane Thomas TREADWELL Labourer
27 August 1852 KEECH James Full Widower Labourer ? St James KEECH Labourer
SAFFORD Julia Full Spinster   Union St James SAFFORD Shoe maker
23 September 1852 BARRATT William Silas Full Bachelor Gardener Harpur St Robert BARRATT Gardener
SMITH Susan Mary Ann Full Spinster   Harpur St    
30 September 1852 PECK Charles Russell Full Bachelor Stone mason Well Street Stephen PECK Bricklayer
SQUIRES Emma Full Spinster   St Marys Samuel SQUIRES Labourer
15 October 1852 DEIGHTON George Full Bachelor Labourer Beauchamp Row John DEIGHTON Brewer
PAGE Elizabeth Full Spinster   Beauchamp Row William PAGE Brick maker
22 October 1852 BACCHUS William Full Bachelor Smith Hassett Street John BACCHUS Labourer
TAYLOR Sarah Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk James TAYLOR Chimney sweeper
26 October 1852 HULL Frederick 22 Bachelor Hairdresser Well Street John HULL Labourer
GASCOIN Emma 20 Spinster   Well Street James GASCOIN Cabinet maker
8 November 1852 REYNOLDS John Full Bachelor Labourer Well Street William REYNOLDS Labourer
STANLEY Ann Full Spinster   Well Street William STANLEY Shoemaker
8 November 1852 WARREN James Francis Full Bachelor Shoemaker Gwyn Street Charles WARREN Coach maker
TINSLEY Jane Full Spinster   Gwyn Street Samuel TINSLEY Labourer
11 November 1852 GRAY George Full Widower   Walsoken Daniel GRAY Farmer
GREEN Sarah Full Widow   St Pauls Square John HINDE Plumber & glazier
17 November 1852 DESPARD Richard Full Bachelor Gentleman Donore? House, Queens County, Ireland William Wellesley DESPARD Gentleman
WORTHINGTON Charlotte Mabelle Full Spinster   Bedford Henry Burdett WORTHINGTON Clergyman
25 November 1852 WARD Thomas Full Bachelor Shoemaker Northampton Richard WARD Labourer
GUEST Eliza Full Spinster   Beckett St William GUEST Shoe maker
25 November 1852 GAUNT George 18 Bachelor Tanner Hawes Street William GAUNT Labourer
IVES Ann Full Spinster   Hawes Street John IVES Basket maker
30 November 1852 GEORGE John Full Bachelor Confectioner Harpur Street John GEORGE Confectioner
SKERMAN Eliza Full Spinster   St Loyes James SKERMAN Copper smith
19 December 1852 TIMS William Full Bachelor Fishmonger St Loyes William William TIMS Fishmonger
WIGGINS Elizabeth Charlotte Full Spinster   St Loyes John WIGGINS Shoemaker
25 December 1852 CHERRY Titus Full Bachelor Porter St Pancras, Middlesex Charles CHERRY Farmer
BUSHBY Elizabeth Cunnington Full Spinster   The Crescent Joseph BUSHBY Gentleman's servant
25 December 1852 EAGLES Joseph Full Bachelor Labourer Tavistock Street Joseph EAGLES Labourer
CORBEY Jane Full Spinster   Tavistock Street William CORBEY Labourer
3 February 1853 GOLDING George Full Bachelor Labourer Gravel Lane James GOLDING Labourer
WRAY Emila Baulk Full Spinster   High Street Henry WRAY Hurdle maker
6 February 1853 FINDING Joseph Full Widower Labourer St Cuthberts Thomas FINDING Labourer
PALMER Mary Full Widow   Dane Street William CHAPMAN Farmer
6 March 1853 WALE Benjamin Full Bachelor Baker Dane Street Thomas WALE Labourer
PACKWOOD Mary Ann Full Spinster   Dane Street James PACKWOOD Tailor
6 March 1853 WALDOCK William 21 Bachelor Brazier St Loyes, Bedford Thomas WALDOCK Butcher
KING Sarah 20 Spinster   Felmersham John KING Farmer
10 April 1853 PHILLIPS Henry Full Bachelor Blacksmith Well St William PHILLIPS Servant
WRAY Elizabeth   Spinster   Well St Samuel WRAY Gardener
10 April 1853 PHILLIPS Benjamin Full Bachelor Blacksmith Well St William PHILLIPS Servant
WRAY Sarah   Spinster   Well St Samuel WRAY Gardener
13 April 1853 OSBORN Samuel Full Bachelor Architect Union Street Samuel OSBORN Farmer
ROE Maria   Spinster   Union Street Mark ROE Labourer
14 April 1853 LAUGHTON Thomas Full Widower Wheelwright Renhold Thomas LAUGHTON Farmer
BONFIELD Sophy Full Spinster   Priory Street, Bedford Samuel BONFIELD Labourer
14 April 1853 DAY George Full Bachelor Shoemaker Gwyn Street John DAY Sawyer
WYATT Mary Ann Full Spinster   Gwyn Street Richard WYATT Builder
24 April 1853 FOX Charles Full Bachelor Labourer Hawes Street Thomas FOX Baker
KNIGHT Mary Ann Minor Spinster   Hawes Street Thomas KNIGHT Labourer
28 April 1853 SMITH George Full Bachelor Gas fitter Tavistock Street John SMITH Railway officer
KING Harriet Ann Full Spinster   Tavistock Street Robert KING Innkeeper
16 May 1853 GASCOIN Frederic Full Bachelor Labourer Priory Street George GASCOIN Labourer
GIGGEL Mary Ann Full Widow   Priory Street Simon RADLEY Labourer
29 May 1853 SMITH Thomas Full Bachelor Bricklayer Wills Street Thomas SMITH Bricklayer
CHETTLE Ann Full Spinster   Wills Street William CHETTLE Labourer
1 June 1853 CONQUEST George Full Bachelor Labourer Clapham Hill William CONQUEST Labourer
ELDERKIN Susanna Full Spinster   Clapham Hill William ELDERKIN Labourer
21 June 1853 ALLEN Thomas Full Bachelor Poulterer Well St Charles ALLEN Poulterer
DICKS Martha Full Spinster   Harpur St Daniel DICKS Carpenter
28 June 1853 YOUNG Samuel 20 Bachelor Servant Bromham Road Samuel YOUNG Servant
WHITE Mary Ann Full Spinster   Russell Street Isaac WHITE Labourer
7 August 1853 THOMSON John 20 Bachelor Shoemaker Sadlers Court William THOMSON Maltster
SMITH Mary Full Spinster   Sadlers Court Thomas SMITH Tailor
7 August 1853 BROWN Robert 33 Widower Brick maker Union St Edward BROWN Labourer
WALLACE Mary Ann Full Spinster   Beauchamp Row Samuel WALLACE Plumber
10 August 1853 PISTRUCCI Valerio 37 Bachelor Gentleman St Loyes St Philip PISTRUCCI Gentleman
WARREN Mary Ann 42 Spinster   St Loyes St Robert WARREN Merchant
11 August 1853 WHITTALL William 27 Bachelor Tailor Luton James WHITTALL Butler
JOHNSON Martha 22 Spinster   Hassett St, Bedford William JOHNSON Blacksmith
14 August 1853 DUNHAM William 22 Bachelor Bricklayer Grey Friars Walk William DUNHAM Publican
LANE Martha 21 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk James LANE Servant
24 August 1853 HOLLAND Richard 27 Bachelor Hawker Harpur Street John HOLLAND Labourer
GUTTERIDGE Charlotte 27 Spinster   Harpur Street Richard William GUTTERIDGE Traveller
13 September 1853 GIDDINS Thomas Full Bachelor Labourer Hawes Street William GIDDINS Labourer
SUGGARS Frances Full Spinster   Hawes Street James SUGGARS Labourer
26 September 1853 BELL Edward 21 Bachelor Currier Paradine Buildings John BELL Bricklayer
BROMWELL Elizabeth 28 Spinster   Horne Lane John BROMWELL Labourer
30 September 1853 REYNOLDS William 22 Bachelor Labourer Well Street William REYNOLDS Labourer
IVETT Maria 22 Spinster   Tavistock Street Henry IVETT Brickmaker
7 October 1853 MOORE Isaac 34 Bachelor Tailor Gwyn Street William MOORE Farmer
HARVEY Elizabeth 27 Spinster   Adelaide Square Thomas HARVEY Saddler
30 October 1853 INGRAM John 35 Bachelor Labourer Biddenham    
FLANDERS Mary 29 Spinster Servant St Pauls Square Robert FLANDERS Painter
31 October 1853 GRAHAM George Full Widower Shoemaker Gravel Lane George GRAHAM Pipe maker
PURSER Ann Full Spinster   Canning Street Henry PURSER Carpenter
1 November 1853 CLARK James Full Bachelor Labourer Well Street John CLARK Labourer
HULL Mary Ann Full Spinster Servant Well Street John HULL Labourer
14 November 1853 HALE Henry Full Bachelor Shoemaker Priory St Stephen HALE Shoemaker
STACEY Frances Ann Full Spinster   Priory St Robert STACEY Labourer
28 November 1853 WEST Thomas William Full Bachelor Shoemaker Grey Friars Walk Thomas WEST Painter
DONLEY Ellen 20 Spinster Shoe binder Chandos Street James DONLEY Hawker
1 December 1853 EBDON Joseph Full Bachelor Barber Tavistock Street Thomas EBDON Carpenter
PRIGMORE Elizabeth Full Spinster   The Lodge, Bedford William PRIGMORE Servant
18 December 1853 SMITH Jabez 24 Bachelor Labourer Sadlers Court Thomas SMITH Tailor
SHARP Martha 23 Spinster   Tavistock Street George SHARP Labourer
26 December 1853 BROMWELL James Full Bachelor Turner Horne Lane John BROMWELL Labourer
CIRKET Harriet Sarah Full Spinster Servant Priory Terrace William CIRKET Labourer
1 January 1854 REDMAN Frederick Full Bachelor Painter Gwyn Street William REDMAN Painter
JOY Eliza Full Spinster Dressmaker Gwyn Street Joseph JOY Grocer
13 January 1854 MARDLING Daniel Full Widower Shoe maker White Horse Street James MARDLING Labourer
HART Ellen Elizabeth Full Spinster   White Horse Street Edward HART Labourer
19 January 1854 MARSHALL Ebenezer Full Bachelor Gardener Biggleswade William MARSHALL Shepherd
CLARKE Sarah Full Spinster Staymaker Nortt? St, Bedford John CLARKE Basket maker
25 January 1854 WEBB James Full Bachelor Fur cutter Well St Emanuel WEBB Fur cutter
WOOTTON Emma Full Spinster   Well St William WOOTTON Tailor
3 February 1854 GENTLE John Full Bachelor Shoe maker St Johns    
STONEBRIDGE Susan Full Spinster Servant Grey Friars Walk Thomas STONEBRIDGE Shoe maker
28 February 1854 DENYER Joseph Full Widower Shoemaker Harpur Street John DENYER Gas lighter??
HALLSWORTH Sarah Full Widow   Crescent John BYWATER Bricklayer
12 March 1854 FAIREY Charles Full Bachelor Shoemaker Grey Friars Walk James FAIREY Labourer
SEYMOUR Betsy Full Spinster Shoe binder Grey Friars Walk Joseph SEYMOUR Labourer
13 March 1854 WARDEN Thomas Allen Full Widower Labourer Hawes Street William WARDEN Shoemaker
MILWARD Mary Full Spinster   Hawes Street Job MILWARD Labourer
9 April 1854 THOMPSON Benjamin Full Bachelor Machine maker Union Street John THOMPSON Labourer
WHITEHEAD Elizabeth Ann Full Spinster Dressmaker Conduit Street Edward WHITEHEAD Baker
11 April 1854 NOBLE Joseph 25 Bachelor Tailor Greenhill Street Benjamin NOBLE Tailor
FISHER Sarah 25 Spinster   Brace Street John FISHER Shoemaker
14 April 1854 INSKIP Samuel 21 Bachelor Smith Patteshall St Thomas INSKIP Carrier
PAYNE Betsey 21 Spinster Servant Patteshall St John GALE Labourer
17 April 1854 GILBERT William Full Bachelor Tin plate worker St Marys Newington William GILBERT Shoemaker
WALKER Matilda Full Spinster   Priory Street John WALKER Labourer
18 April 1854 DAVIS John Full Bachelor China dealer High Street John DAVIS China dealer
COVINGTON Mary Ann Full Spinster   High Street John COVINGTON Tailor
27 April 1854 DUDLEY John Full Bachelor Bricklayer Wootton William DUDLEY Bricklayer
CHAPMAN Sarah Full Spinster   Dane Street William CHAPMAN Shoemaker
22 May 1854 HANSFORD Mark Full Bachelor Labourer All Hallows Lane George HANSFORD Labourer
GREY Sarah Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane    
24 May 1854 SHOULER William Full Bachelor Butcher Grey Friars Walk John MAKEHAM Butcher
WALKER Sarah Full Spinster   St Peters James WALKER Gardener
6 June 1854 SUTTON Joseph Full Bachelor Sergeant Grenadier Guards Castle Lane, Bedford Samuel SUTTON Gardener
TOWNSEND Rebecca Louisa 19 Spinster Straw bonnet sewer Castle Lane, Bedford William TOWNSEND  
29 June 1854 CRISP John Full Widower Farmer Clapham John CRISP Farmer
CLARKE Hannah Full Widow   All Hallows Lane Richard WARD Labourer
10 July 1854 HILL John Full Bachelor Gentleman Stepney Robert HILL Brewer
JENKS Eliza Adelaide Full Spinster   High Street, Bedford John JENKS Innkeeper
21 July 1854 APPLEBY William Full Bachelor Bricklayer Dane Street William APPLEBY Labourer
WHITE Lydia Full Spinster   Well St Levi WHITE Labourer
3 August 1854 CORBETT Michael Cooper Full Bachelor Smith Greenhill St Edward CORBETT Smith
CAPENER Harriet Full Spinster   Greenhill St William CAPENER Hatter?
7 August 1854 GEALING Thomas 65 Widower Mat maker Pavenham James GEALING Mat maker
BELL Ann 43 Widow   Paradine Buildings James BURGESS Farmer
26 August 1854 SPENCER John Full Bachelor Tin plate worker St Pauls, Chicago, Illinois Charles SPENCER Farmer
CRAWLEY Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Loyes William CRAWLEY Whip maker
17 September 1854 GROVES Henry Frederick 23 Bachelor Shoemaker All Hallows Lane Frederick GROVES Cotton spinner
KNIGHT Mary Ann 19 Spinster   All Hallows Lane Thomas KNIGHT Shoe maker
19 September 1854 SAVAGE George 25 Bachelor Shoemaker Odell Robert SAVAGE Labourer
BROOKS Avis 25 Spinster   Bedford William BROOKS Labourer
27 September 1854 PALMER Robert Full Bachelor Miller & baker Willington Samuel PALMER Farmer
SERGEANT Julia Full Spinster   St Pauls Square Thomas SERGEANT Maltster
6 October 1854 NAPIER John Full Bachelor Draper Gwyn Street James NAPIER Shoemaker
FLOOD Louisa Full Spinster   St Loyes George Henry FLOOD Currier
6 October 1854 NEGUS Samuel Minor Bachelor Carpenter Harpur Street John NEGUS Carpenter
REYNOLDS Martha Full Spinster   Greenhill St John REYNOLDS Carpenter
6 October 1854 SLATER George Full Bachelor Bricklayer Elstow William SLATER Servant
TOWNSEND Harriet Ann Elizabeth Full Spinster   Castle Lane William TOWNSHEND Labourer
12 October 1854 BARBER Jacob Full Bachelor Baker Gwyn Street Richard BARBER Labourer
STONEBRIDGE Ann Full Spinster Laundress Grey Friars Walk Thomas STONEBRIDGE Shoemaker
16 October 1854 WATSON Charles Frederick Full Bachelor Merchant Thorney, Cambridgeshire Thomas Steed WATSON Solicitor
CRANE Mildred Full Spinster   Tavistock Street Wright CRANE Gentleman
19 October 1854 MAKEHAM George 23 Bachelor Iron foundry man Gwyn Street Matthew MAKEHAM Labourer
LEE Elizabeth 24 Spinster   Well Street George LEE Shoemaker
5 November 1854 HORNSBY Samuel 20 Bachelor Labourer Hawes Street Samuel HORNSBY Brewer
MISELDINE Harriett Full Spinster   Hawes Street John MISELDINE Labourer
17 November 1854 RUST Thomas Full Bachelor Coal porter Bunyan Street Unknown Unknown
REDMAN Catherine Jane 20 Spinster   Bunyan Street William REDMAN Painter
23 December 1854 DEAR David Full Bachelor Blacksmith Potton DEAR Carpenter
COPE Elizabeth Full Spinster   Conduit Street John COPE Thatcher
25 December 1854 MAYS Joel Full Bachelor Labourer Grey Friars Walk Samuel MAYS Labourer
THORPE Ann Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk William THORPE Stonemason
5 January 1855 BARNETT George 21 Bachelor Blacksmith All Hallows Lane George BARNETT Shoemaker
EMMONEY Alice 21 Spinster   Well St William EMMONEY Post boy
12 January 1855 KENDALL William 33 Bachelor Ag lab Cople, Bedfordshire Ambrose KENDALL Labourer
BARFIELD Elizabeth 29 Spinster Servant High Street, St Pauls, Bedford Samuel BARFIELD Carpenter
16 January 1855 BRAWN Thomas Full Widower Carpenter Kimbolton Thomas BRAWN Labourer
FLOOD Eliza Full Spinster   St Loyes Street George Thomas FLOOD Currier
1 February 1855 PAGE John 28 Bachelor Labourer Willington William PAGE Labourer
SIMMONS Eliza 22 Spinster   Castle Lane John SIMMONS Shoemaker
5 February 1855 BROWN Henry 25 Bachelor Shoemaker Hitchin William BROWN Carpenter
TEEDON Emma 26 Spinster Shoe binder Roise St, Bedford Richard TEEDON Labourer
20 February 1855 NEAL Richard Full Bachelor Bricklayer Grey Friars Walk Isaac NEAL Labourer
BARBEY Sarah Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk John BARBEY Labourer
6 March 1855 LAMBERT Richard Full Bachelor Militia St Marys George LAMBERT Labourer
MASH Mary 19 Spinster   Ram Yard Joseph MASH Labourer
14 March 1855 BIRD George 25 Bachelor Butcher Mill Street John BIRD Labourer
SERGEANT Amelia 28 Spinster   Adelaide Place John SERGEANT Labourer
15 March 1855 LOWE Joseph 23 Bachelor Shoemaker Tower Court Edward LOWE Labourer
CHURCHMAN Jane 30 Spinster Servant Crescent, Bedford John CHURCHMAN Gardener
15 March 1855 THORNBER Henry 49 Widower Manufacturing chemist The Grove, Parish of St Cuthberts, Bedford Thomas THORNBER Calico printer
SKILLETER Eliza 49 Spinster   Gadsby Street, Parish of St Pauls, Bedford Unknown  
2 April 1855 LAWRENCE William Full Bachelor Private in the Militia High Street William LAWRENCE Labourer
SHARMAN Hannah Full Spinster   Gravel Lane Joseph SHARMAN Labourer
8 April 1855 HOWE Richard Amiss 30 Bachelor Blacksmith The Grove, St Cuthberts, Bedford John HOWE Smith
JORDAN Emma 22 Spinster   Castle Street, St Pauls, Bedford Joseph JORDAN Smith
22 April 1855 FISHER John Thomas Full Widower Tailor St Pauls Square John FISHER Tailor
WILES Jane Amelia Full Spinster   St Pauls Square George WILES Tailor
23 April 1855 BARRATT Lewis 25 Bachelor Sergeant Beds Militia Mill Street Joel BARRATT Shoemaker
TINSLEY Mary Ann 26 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Thomas TINSLEY Labourer
1 May 1855 MITCHELL Christopher Full Bachelor Soldier 95 Regt Well Street John MITCHELL Stone mason
CHAPMAN Ann Full Spinster Servant St Pauls Square William CHAPMAN Shoemaker
8 May 1855 RUSSELL John Full Bachelor Solicitor St Georges, Dublin Ae.fold? RUSSELL Merchant
HUGHES Amanda Emily Full Spinster   The Crescent William HUGHES Physician
13 May 1855 HALL William Full Widower Labourer Hawes Street James HALL Labourer
WILLIAMS Sarah Full Spinster   Hawes Street William WILLIAMS Labourer
14 May 1855 OLDMEADOW George Edward Full Widower Artist St Pauls Square William Henry OLDMEADOW Artist
SHEPHERD Annie 17 Spinster   St Pauls Square James SHEPHERD Tailor
15 May 1855 CLARK William Full Bachelor Labourer Spaldwick James CLARK Labourer
LITCHFIELD Charlotte Full Spinster   Dame Alice Street John LITCHFIELD Labourer
1 June 1855 BRIMLEY John 28 Bachelor Gardener Goldington John BRIMLEY Shoemaker
HAYNES Eliza 23 Spinster   Harpur Street, Bedford William HAYNES Gardener
6 June 1855 KNIGHT Thomas Full Widower Shoemaker Dane Street William KNIGHT Labourer
BURGE Mary Ann Full Spinster   Dane Street Thomas BURGE Butcher
25 June 1855 WARR George Full Bachelor Labourer Grey Friars Walk Joseph WARR Clock & watchmaker
SPRIGGS Emily Full Spinster   Gravel Lane Thomas SPRIGGS Shoemaker
5 July 1855 TOMPKINS Charles 25 Bachelor Labourer Wells Street Richard TOMPKINS Blacksmith
YOUNG Susan Maria 19 Spinster   Wells Street Samuel YOUNG Blacksmith
6 July 1855 WRIGHT John Full Bachelor Draper St Peters Green William WRIGHT Grocer
HOCKLIFFE Harriett Full Spinster   St Loyes William HOCKLIFFE Broker
10 July 1855 WHEELER Thomas Full Bachelor Shoemaker Wellingborough William WHEELER Collar maker
LYON Lucy Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Peter Smith? LYON Labourer
15 July 1855 MUNSEY William Full Bachelor Clicker Conduit Street Thomas MUNSEY Shoemaker
COOPER Emma Full Spinster   Grey Friars Walk John COOPER Carpenter
22 July 1855 GAZELY William 22 Bachelor Miller Wytham, Berks Samuel GAZELY Farmer
RICHARDSON Elizabeth 28 Spinster   Grey Friars Walk Joseph RICHARDSON Labourer
29 July 1855 DARRINGTON John 24 Bachelor Painter Grey Friars Walk William DARRINGTON Butcher
SANDFER Harriett 26 Spinster   Crescent Thomas SANDFER Farmer
Bride's signature is unclesr, too long for SANDFER, more S......DFER
1 August 1855 BODLE George Talbot Mugridge Full Bachelor Coach builder Cauldwell Street, St Marys Robert Mugridge BODLE Draper
FRENCH Ann Full Spinster   Silver Street Brooks FRENCH Watchmaker
8 August 1855 CROWTHER Sampson Full Bachelor ..lliner Warden Samuel CROWTHER Wool sorter
CROFT Sarah Full Widow Publican Harpur Street William ODELL Labourer
16 August 1855 SIMS William 23 Bachelor Smith Hassett Street Samuel SIMS Carrier
WRAY Maria 26 Spinster   Well Street Samuel WRAY Porter
20 August 1855 RICHARDSON James Full Bachelor Porter Rose Street, St John's, Preston Joseph RICHARDSON Labourer
WHEATLEY Sarah Ann Full Spinster   All Hallows Lane John WHEATLEY Labourer
3 September 1855 BIRD Isaac Full Bachelor Prison warder County Gaol, Bedford John BIRD Linen & woollen manufacturer
GRAHAM Isabella Full Spinster   Priory St Thomas GRAHAM Tailor
25 September 1855 LORD William Full Bachelor Malster Olney, Bucks George LORD deceased Malster
HINDE Sarah Ann Full Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford John HINDE deceased Plumber & glazier
1 October 1855 BROWN James Full Widower Stone mason Harpur Street John BROWN Servant
GILBERT Elizabeth Full Spinster Domestic servant Priory Terrace Edward GILBERT Farmer
4 October 1855 ROCKETT Henry 27 Bachelor Lance? Corporal 39? Regt Res? Castle Lane William ROCKETT Labourer
ECCLES Winifred 19 Spinster Domestic servant High Street Henry ECCLES Shoe maker
10 October 1855 RATCLIFF Thomas 32 Bachelor Soldier Leeds, Yorkshire Richard RATCLIFF Gamekeeper
CHURCH Catherine 24 Spinster   Hassett Street Levi CHURCH Brewer
11 October 1855 LODGE Jonathan Full Bachelor Prison warder County Prison, Bedford Thomas LODGE Weaver
BROWN Hannah Full Spinster Prison warder County Prison, Bedford William BROWN Sawyer
14 October 1855 LITCHFIELD Charles 20 Bachelor Chandler Grey Friars Walk Thomas LITCHFIELD Bricklayer
BULL Louisa 19 Spinster   High Street Henry BULL Shoemaker
18 October 1855 PRESTON Thomas Full Bachelor Carpenter Harpur Street William PRESTON Builder
FANE Eliza Full Spinster   Harpur Street Thomas FANE Grocer
22 October 1855 BROTHERS William Full Widower Labourer Silsoe in the Parish of Flitton Joseph BROTHERS Labourer
STRAHAN Mary Ann Full Widow   Well Street James BRANDER Bricklayer
23 October 1855 ELLIS John Full Bachelor Butcher St Margarets, Leicester George ELLIS Woolstapler
FLOOD Maria Full Spinster   St Loyes Street George Henry FLOOD Currier
4 November 1855 SAXBY William Full Bachelor Sawyer Maulden's Yard William SAXBY Labourer
MEEKS Eliza Full Spinster   Maulden's Yard James MEEKS Labourer
20 November 1855 FOX George 21 Bachelor Schoolmaster Union St, Bedford Charles James FOX Farmer
CLARE Susannah Harriet 23 Spinster   Tavistock St William CLARE Police constable
30 November 1855 DOUGHTY John Full Bachelor Labourer Sharnbrook John DOUGHTY Labourer
PAGE Augusta Full Spinster   Union Street John PAGE Tailor
18 December 1855 CHERRY William 34 Bachelor Soldier St Pauls Square John CHERRY Fishernman
RICHARDSON Mary Ann 29 Spinster Milliner St Pauls Square John RICHARDSON Labourer
28 December 1855 GRAHAM William Henry 28 Bachelor Shoemaker Gravel Lane George GRAHAM Pipe maker
HALSTED Mary Ann 23 Spinster   Priory Terrace? John HALSTED Bricklayer