Bedfordshire Burial Registers

This is a set of near-transcripts of Bedfordshire Burial Registers, covering the period July 1837 to March 1901. The registers are only of parishes in Bedford Registration District. It contains every Church of England register, and now includes non-conformist registers and some cemeteries. It also includes the Union Workhouse Deaths register.

I have started to transcribe the period January 1813 to June 1837. I will add these transcripts into the existing pages for the time being.

These records have been transcribed at Bedfordshire Archives.

Church Of England Burial Registers

Bedford, Holy TrinityAugust 1841-March 1901
Bedford, St CuthbertJuly 1837-October 1857
Bedford, St JohnJuly 1837-February 1855
Bedford, St MaryJuly 1837-May 1895
Bedford, St PaulJuly 1837-December 1846
January 1847-December 1901
Bedford, St PeterJuly 1837-January 1879
BiddenhamJuly 1837-March 1901
BletsoeJuly 1837-March 1901
BolnhurstJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
BromhamJuly 1837-March 1901
CardingtonJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-December 1863
January 1864-March 1901
CarltonJuly 1837-March 1901
ChellingtonJuly 1837-March 1901
ClaphamJuly 1837-March 1901
ColmworthJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
CopleJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
ElstowJuly 1837-March 1901
FelmershamJuly 1837-March 1901
GoldingtonJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
Great BarfordJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-December 1867
January 1868-March 1901
HarroldJuly 1837-December 1864
January 1865-March 1901
Kempston, All SaintsJuly 1837-December 1852
January 1853-December 1865
January 1866-December 1878
January 1879-December 1890
January 1891-March 1901
KeysoeJuly 1837-March 1901
Knotting - More infoJuly 1837-March 1901
MelchbourneJuly 1837-March 1901
Milton ErnestJuly 1837-March 1901
OakleyJuly 1837-March 1901
OdellJuly 1837-March 1901
PavenhamJuly 1837-March 1901
RavensdenJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
RenholdJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
RiseleyJuly 1837-December 1865
January 1866-March 1901
RoxtonJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
SharnbrookJuly 1837-March 1901
SouldropJuly 1837-March 1901
StagsdenJuly 1837-March 1901
StevingtonJuly 1837-March 1901
ThurleighJuly 1837-March 1901
TurveyJuly 1837-March 1901
WildenJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
WillingtonJanuary 1813-June 1837
July 1837-March 1901
Wilstead (Wilshamstead)January 1813-June 1837
July 1837-December 1865
January 1866-March 1901
WoottonJuly 1837-December 1866
January 1867-March 1901
YeldenJuly 1837-March 1901

Nonconformist Burial Registers

Bedford & Ampthill Methodist (Wesleyan) CircuitJuly 1837-February 1841
Bedford, Bunyan MeetingJuly 1846-May 1855
Bedford, Howard ChapelJuly 1837-April 1890
Bedford, Moravian Chapel
(United Brethren)
July 1837-October 1889
Bedford, Primitive EpiscopalJuly 1837-August 1845
Bedford, St Josephs Roman CatholicThis register exists, but contains little information other than name. All the burials take place at Bedford Cemetery, so they will eventually be included as part of that register.
Stevington, BaptistSeptember 1837-July 1866
Turvey, CongregationalSeptember 1848-June 1863


Knotting Burial Register  - The early years of this register contain many entries with additional details written in pencil. These details are, in the main, not legible on the fiche I was working from. The original register has never been deposited at the Archives, so I am unable to transcribe this register to the standard I would have liked.